TRANSIT SYSTEMS is a charter bus company serving California for over 25 years and is located at 8976 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Sun Valley, California just outside of Downtown L.A..

We do charters, school trips, and special events. Large events in the past have included: Rose Bowl Games, Rose Parade, Pasadena Showcase Houses, B.E.T. & Peoples Choice awards, the Hollywood Bowl and the Los Angeles Marathon.

Come ride with us today! Download our reservation form and e-mail or fax it to us.

Type Passengers Minimum Price Extra Hours
Mini Buses 20-24 5 Hours $425.00 $75/Hour
Transit Buses 40 5 Hours $505.00 $90/Hour
Coach Buses 47 5 Hours $570.00 $105/Hour
Deluxe Coach Buses 55 5 Hours $650.00 $125/Hour

Type Passengers Minimum Price Extra Hours
Coach Buses 47 5 Hours $625.00 $120/Hour
Deluxe Coach Buses 55 5 Hours $705.00 $140/Hour

AS OF APRIL 21st, 2011

Transit Systems will be implementing a 10% fuel surcharge on all trips due to increases in fuel prices.
Transit Systems thanks you for your understanding and cooperation.

Q: Do you have SPAB Buses & SPAB Operators for school trips?

A: Yes we do. We have SPAB Drivers and SPAB buses that are certified by the CHP

Q: Do your buses have Wheelchair Accessibility?

A: Yes they do. All our transit-type buses have rear-door lifts for easy wheelchair access.

Q: What is Bitcoin and how can I earn the 15% discount?

A: Bitcoin is a digital currency giving us an alternative to the money-debt system of the Federal Reserve. Here at Transit Systems, we are more than a bus company. We are an organization that cares about empowering each other. Money created through debt for the benefit of a few is not just, and we want to stake what we are worth on this moral value by offering our customers a substantial discount. It is easy to purchase Bitcoin. The most popular site is Coinbase. The site that is now making it fee free is Robinhood. Once you have Bitcoin in your account, copy the address on our site, comment the invoice number you are paying, put in the amount of payment in dollars, and send. It is faster than writing a check and friendlier for the environment as no paper nor delivery is needed. Once the Bitcoin is sent, you have immediate proof of payment.

Any more questions? Call us at 818-504-7270 or e-mail us at


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