MCI J4500

TRANSIT SYSTEMS just aquired a beautiful MCI J4500!

Advertising Bus Wraps

TRANSIT SYSTEMS is offering advertising services through full bus wraps. Please call us to discuss our competitive advertising rates.

Airport Shuttles

New, Giant, Flat-Screens in Select Shuttles New Shuttle
New Shuttles 1123-1125 Interiors Airport Shuttle 1123

Transit TV

TRANSIT SYSTEMS now has Transit TV installed on select buses, call for availability.
Transit TV - Moving Entertainment

Proprietary CNG Plant

With the help of the Clean Transportation Funding from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), we are extremely excited to showcase our beautification project for our CNG Plant. TRANSIT SYSTEMS is committed to protecting the environment by reducing air pollution and helping spread the word in a creative way.
The best-looking CNG Plant there is. Click image for larger view.

Type Approved CNG Dispenser

Thanks to the support of the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), TRANSIT SYSTEMS has a type approved CNG dispenser unit. Now, TRANSIT SYSTEMS is able to fuel other companies in need of this cleaner fuel.
Type Approved CNG Dispenser


Q:What is CNG?

A: CNG is Compressed Natural Gas, a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline which is more environmentally clean.
CNG Powered


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