Transit Systems is a charter bus company that has been servicing the Los Angeles County and neighboring counties since 1991. We are S.P.A.B. certified and have multiple type of vehicles one can choose from with this special certification. Additionally, a large part of our fleet runs on natural gas and many units are ADA compliant. In our fleet, we have any type of bus you may need, please ask.

The experience that has been afforded to us throughout all these years is vast. With a simple phone call and a description of the route, event, and how many people need to be moved in an alloted time, we can give you insight on how many buses the service will need. This is just one example of how we can assist in figuring out your transportation needs.

Yes, there is more. Over the years, we have educated ourselves with programming and are able to create web and phone based applications to add transparency and efficiency to the service.

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