Type Passengers Minimum Price Extra Hours
Mini Buses 20 5 Hours $560.00 $116.00/Hour
Transit Buses 40 5 Hours $710.00 $147.00/Hour
Coach Buses 47 5 Hours $787.50 $168.00/Hour
Deluxe Coach Buses 55 5 Hours $887.25 $189.00/Hour


Type Passengers Minimum Price Extra Hours
Coach Buses 47 5 Hours $929.25 $194.25/Hour
Deluxe Coach Buses 55 5 Hours $1023.75 $215.25/Hour
  • Do you have SPAB Buses & SPAB Operators for school trips?

    Yes we do. We have SPAB Drivers and SPAB buses that are certified by the CHP.

    Our SPAB operators receive yearly training by a licensed Department of Education instructor. The training comprises of behind the wheel and classroom training. The topics covered vary from mountain driving, to defensive driving, to control, to avoiding road rage incidents, and many other topics.

  • Do your buses have wheelchair accessibility?

    Transit Systems has a fleet of mini-buses that are wheelchair accessible. All the transit buses have wheelchair accessibility with the majority being low-floor buses. The advantage of the low-floor buses is the lift mechanism comprises of one ramp that extends out. The coach buses also have wheelchair accessibility.

    The staff of Transit Systems prides itself in being proactive and dependable. Share with us your needs and we will do our best to fulfill them. When we are advised that a wheelchair bus is needed, the operator cycles it before the leaving the terminal.

  • What is EOS and how can I earn the 15% discount?

    EOS is a digital currency giving us an alternative to the money-debt system of the Federal Reserve, Here at Transit Systems, we are more than a bus company. We are an organization that cares about empowerment. Money created through debt for the benefit of the few is not just, and we want to stake what we are worth on the digital currency principle by offering our customers a substantial discount when using this alternate method of payment.

    It is easy to purchase EOS. The most popular website is Coinbase. The site that is now making it fee free is Robinhood. Once you have EOS in your account, copy the address on our site, comment the invoice number you are paying, put in the amount of payment in dollars, and send. It is faster than writing a check and friendlier to the environment as no paper nor delivery is needed. Even more, once the EOS is sent, you have immediate proof of payment.

  • What is EOSDTrak?

    To improve the quality of our service, we invented EOSDTrak. This DAPP will tell you where the bus is in relation to the pickup spot. The system will become active one hour prior to arrival time. The link that will provide you with this information will be the following with the exception that you need to insert your invoice number.

    https://www.eosdtrak.com/EOS/business/tsui.mlt/"Invoice Number"

    See EOSDTrak in Action

    This dapp can be used by any one with an EOS account as the code has been deployed to this blockchain. This means that you too can offer this service to your customers. Please contact us for more information.

  • Can we advertise on the buses?

    Yes, our buses travel all over the LA County area, one of the most vibrant in the country, and we can offer your product or service plenty of impressions. Transit Systems offers full wraps or partial wraps on all the buses. Please call for a quote.

  • What is natural gas?

    Natural gas is an alternative fuel. It is considered clean because of the carbon emissions savings as well as the almost complete elimination of particulate matter emissions.

    But wait, there is more. Transit Systems is in contract with three different landfill operators that capture natural gas from the natural decay of organic matter. This means that Transit Systems is supporting, and so are you when you book with us, the use of renewable natural gas (RCNG). The use of RCNG with modern Cummins engines has been proven to have a negative carbon dioxide footprint. We are very proud to be a part of this movement.


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